Renewable Heating

Renewable Heating technology

Menai Heating are a leader in installing renewable heating for both domestic and commercial purposes. Renewable technologies include Biomass, ground source and Air source heat pumps and Solar Thermal installations.

We have an enviable reputation of installing to the highest standards and using the very latest technology and only use quality suppliers. We normally use only ETA and Okofen Biomass Boilers, StiebelEltron and Samsung heat pumps and Kingspan Solar Thermal kits and have over 175 successful installations throughout North wales & the North West.

Menai Heating’s History in renewable heating

We have been installing renewable technologies for over 12 years and have followed the industry and adapted and changed along the way as new features, technologies and opportunities have arisen.

Initially Menai Heating have been involved with Solar PV installations and then followed into Biomass projects by natural progression and as demand grew. The introduction of the RHI for commercial users in November 2011 saw a steep increase in the industry and saw many adopt these technologies as a way of expanding their interests, even though Menai Heating had been installing since 2008.

Indeed, we achieved the very first RHi approved installation in Wales for a Biomass boiler we fitted to heat an Eco Guest house in Snowdonia. Since then the RHI has primarily dominated the markets as rates have been adapted, fallen and new ones been introduced.

The commercial market is still steady, and the domestic demand has changed from primarily Biomass installations towards Heat Pumps as these now offer perhaps more financially rewarding results. We still maintain our full accreditation with the MCS, NAPIT, Green deal Approved Installer and other industry and manufacturer accreditations to offer a complete and unbiased service offering all aspects of renewable heating.


It is common knowledge that the earth’s resources are limited and if we continue to use them at current levels they are due to run out before the wend of many people’s lifetime. It is also true that our current methods of producing heat both commercially or domestically rely on fossil fules which damage our environment and contribute to global warming.  Renewable heating offers means of heating properties and commercial buildings without the impact on fossil fuel resources and with a negligible or zero carbon footprint. By using renewable sources, mainly generated from the Sun’s energy (including wood sourced from managed forests, the sun itself and solar energy taken from the ground and air) it is possible to have heating which not only lowers your environmental impact but also lowers your heating bills and rewards you financially from the governments incentives as well.

So What’s the RHI???

The RHI is the renewable Heat incentive and takes 2 forms:

  • Commercial Renewable heat Incentive
  • Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

Both offer a payment for several years based on the heat your renewable source is generating. Commercial installations are usually metered and paid over 20 years at reasonably low rates. Domestic rates are higher, paid for 7 years and usually based on “Deemed” heat usage.

The amount you receive will depend on what technology you have installed and how much heat you are using. We have enough experience & expertise to be able to give reasonably accurate estimates from some basic details. Ideally the installation will benefit from a significant portion of the installation cost being repaid, sometimes in excess of this. The truth is that whilst once the RHI rates reflected a great investment opportunity and people could make money out of them, OFGEM have realised the reality of the situation and now the costs are designed to offset any premium paid for the installation of a renewable system over that of a more conventional and possible cheaper system to install.

We have a 100% success rate in achieving RHI payments for our customers. Since the scheme inception, every one of our installation has successfully applied for the scheme and received the payments related to it. Our staff have great experience of dealing with the RHI applications and we offer the best support and resources for our customers in line with this.

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